Friday, 24 July 2009

Circle of Friends Award .....

This is my very first award, sent to me by Kat, I have put it at the top of my side bar. I am delighted to have recieved this award as I have seen it on other blogs I visit and now I have one of my own!! Thank You!!

Now I have to pass this on to Five more people. I would like to send it to;

Barbara always inspirational cards!!

Elaine always comments and has a fab shop!!

Lyn for being such a kind and caring individual!!

Bev a beautiful blog full of gorgeous inspiration!!

Debby gorgeous cards, fab tutorials!!

It is so difficult to choose just five people to share this award with when there are so many of you sharing your beautiful work and leaving me kind comments, soon this award will be passed on to many more people.

I will now leave comments for my five chosen to recieve this circle of friends award.

No time for crafting tonight!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Angela xx


blackdragon said...

wow, thank you angela,not sure what to say,but i'm touched, its very kind of you.... my 1st award!!not sure what i have to do with it... pass on to five other blogging buds... like you have?
thank you again... i'm not really kind or caring...i'm an old dragon!!
love and hugs lynx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela :o) it is lovely to recieve these awards, I'm flattered.