Friday, 11 September 2009

It's Arrived at Last .....

Look at what the postman brought today!! I ordered this a couple of weeks ago from Bunny Zoe's Crafts, I have been looking for a stamp like this for quite a while so I deceided to have one of these made, they are made by Scrapmagisnet. If you would like one the link is here, I have found it stamps perfectly and it's avery crisp image too!! I have ordered quite a few things from Nicki and they are always delivered quickly!!

I left Philip at nursery today, the lady who is supporting him has been amazing this week and I knew it was time to go and let nursery get on with things, so I went off to Starbucks for coffee with a group of other mums from school!!

I will be back later with a couple of cards I have managd to do, I have been so tired this week I think its just getting back into the school routine and rushing out of the door on time too!!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Angela xx

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Anonymous said...

I really like that,thank's for the link I may pop over for a look