Sunday, 13 June 2010

A New Award ......

I have been given this fun award by two lovely bloggers, Kathryn of Lilackat and Victoria of Blue Jelly too, if you have time hop over and have a look at their beautiful blogs. 

There are some rules I have to follow;

 Thank and link the person who gave you the award.

 Display the award on your blog.

Tell 6 lies and 1 truth about yourself or vice versa.

Nominate 7 others and leave a message letting them know.

So here are my 6 lies and 1 truth.

1.  I don't like chocolate.

2.  I love Jon Bon Jovi .

3.  Ironing is my favourite weekend pastime.

4.  I'm a natural blonde.

5.  I would never shop on-line its too risky.

6.  I married a millioaire chef.

7.  My craft stash fits into a shoe box.

I would like to nominate the following lovely bloggers for this award, as I know they would never lie to you!!!    





Faye said...

Lol! I'm having trouble spotting your fib!! ;) Thank you so much for my award. I would also like to thank; my parents, my friends, my goldfish (if I had one) my Very Understanding Hubby, my son, my bank mamager, my postman, the man next door, my school teacher from year 4 in junior school, anyone that knows me, the man that served me at the petrol station this morning, mothercare, whoever discovered that choklit was yummy, without you it wouldn't have been possible and it means so much to me that you are all part of my life...

Ali said...

Thanks Angela, will have to get my thinking cap on - I love Fayes comment - lol xx