Sunday, 1 August 2010

Helping Hudson, A Wheely Great Cause .......

This morning when I was having a quick peep at Sara's blog I came across a moving apeal to help a young boy in Austrailia called Hudson.  I was extremely touched by the plight of this little boy as my own son Philip has just been assessed for the very same "Kid Walker".

Hudson is 2 ½ but unlike most children his age, he has had a tough little life! Doctors realised he had an incomplete brain before he was born and as a newborn he was discovered to be legally blind
Hudson has recently been diagnosed with both Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy! His mobility has been hindered severely by his disabilities, however his family and friends wish nothing more than to give him the chance to get moving on his own. Hudson needs a special Wheelchair/Walker, called a Kid Walker. This device will help get him mobile, allow him to play with his brother and sister, interact with other children his own age and give him independence in his day today life!

Today is the launch day of the event and it runs right through to 22 August. So what's it all about? Well, through the simple purchase of some fun -filled paper craft tutorials you can help give freedom to a little boy! Each bundle on sale has 10 fun-filled tutorials for just AU$10! And there are six themes to choose from: Bags & Boxes, Christmas, Kids’ Birthdays, Projects for Men & Boys, Punch Art & Scrapbooking. There’s even a FREE bonus bundle if you buy four or more! All proceeds go directly to help Hudson.

The tutorials have been kindly produced by Stampin' Up! demonstrators from all over the world and feature products available in the Austrailian catalogue, so not everything will be available here.  I'm sure this will not cause too much difficulty to us in the UK as I know stampers are very creative and will substitue the featured products with their own favourite products to make these fabulous projects their own.  I will make up some of the projects once I recieve my tutorials later this week (there is still some tweeking happening!!).  You can buy the tutorials here.

The team are also running daily challenges and giveaways but please note that only Australian residents are eligible for prizes.

Here in the UK we are so very lucky to have our NHS as they have partially funded Philip's new walker along with Education as it will be used for school.  This walking frame will give Philip the chance to play football or catch a ball these are things he has never done beofre - he is 4 years old!! I will be able to let him walk ahead with out the constant fear of him falling and hurting himself.  The walker will also be of great benefit throughout the school day as he may manage to carry a library book or his lunch box???  Who knows what improvements this will bring but I know it will change his life, please help if you can to give Hudson the same oppourtunity.

If you'd like to know read more about the fundraiser or help spread the word, then please pop over to



Christine Blain said...

Angela, you are living up to your name - you are an angel! Thank you so much for your support of our fundraiser, and for spreading the word. Together, we can do great things for Hudson. So glad that Philip is 'on the move' too xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for supporting and spreading the word about our fundraiser! Thanks for your help! What a great little story about your own little boy! :)

Sue Madex said...

Angela, thank you so much for supporting our fundraiser. Your post made me realise what a difference a piece of equipment like this can make to a child. All the best to you, your son and your family.