Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Olympic Torch Weekend

On Saturday the Olympic Torch was going through Durham and staying there overnight at the end of the journey from Newcastle to Durham so we decided to go and join the huge event celebrating the torch's journey.  

The cauldron was lit by BBC 1 presenter Matt Baker.

The weather was typical for our British summer and everyone got a good soaking!! 

The crowds leaving Saturdays event. 

We had a fantastic evening and the atmosphere was amazing, thankfully Sunday morning was dry and we set out to see the torch relay closer to home at Billingham.

There was a huge convoy of out riders and police on motorbikes having fun with the crowds before the torch finally came by.

14 year old Sam Dixon carrying the torch.


As the crowds cleared I spotted this banner and thought it was really relevant to our exciting weekend, although I'm not sure if Lucy & Philip agree!!

At school on Tuesday a "generation" was inspired by a gentleman called Larry Smith who is 86 years old, he is one of the oldest torch bearers.  He was nominated to carry the torch by his granddaughter and he put on his track suit and brought the Olympic torch he carried in to school with his family to share his experience with the children during assembly. Larry had quite a tale to tell and spent the whole day with the children, while they had group photos with the torch and individual photos too. Larry's kindness left the whole school buzzing with excitement, as he left he told staff he had had a wonderful day.

Angela x


Anonymous said...

Nice pics

Margaret said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them!!

Kat said...

Great pics Angela, must have been amazing to see the torch close at hand. How kind of Larry Smith to share his experience with the children and lovely for them to see one of the torches for themselves.

Kat xx