Friday, 28 October 2011

All Ready to Go!!!!

I thought I would just share a sneak peak from my first "all day" class tomorrow!!  It has been another extremely busy week, with a few days away for half term and last minute preparations for tomorrow.

I wouldn't like to give too much away!!!

The new antique brads and lace trims are gorgeous!!!!

It is a Christmas themed workshop so hopefully the ladies attending tomorrow's workshop will make a good start on their Christmas preparations!!

I'm off to get the rest of my things ready for tomorrow and an early night!!  Hope I remember the milk for tea & coffee tomorrow - it's praying on my mind as its out of sight in the fridge!  The only other thing I could do with is a truck as I have so much to take along?????

I will share some pictures from the workshop and the projects we made over the next couple of days.

Angela x

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Kat said...

Looking forward to seeing what you make at your all day workshop.

Kat xx